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We are swung to success one
day, then deep loss, another.
People only 'half listen' then
start patronizing. This is  
where an expert comes in
Many experience pain, some
more than others. Over the
years I have learned there is
hope for everyone.
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Life is a series of experiences. While some of them are wonderful there are
others that can easily overwhelm us with grief, frustration, depression and
anger. For all our illusions of control, the truth is that we only swing by a
pendulum. We are carried to the heights of success one day, only to be
flung into depths of financial loss and emotional devastation, the next.
Such experiences may stem from a visit to the doctor and the diagnosis of a terrible illness; returning from the
horrors of war, then trying to re-adjust to civilian life; facing a heart  wrenching divorce after years of marital
bliss; or an unexpected situation such as death, robbery, car accident and home fire . Perhaps you know of
someone who battles with weight issues, a phobia of public speaking or certain other social situations, hyper-
sensitivity, needles, or flying. Any of these can trigger immense stress, pain and potential life changing decisions.
Dear Friend,
In our high paced, anxiety fraught society most people are so busy that when
one tries to open up and share their situation, others either 'half listen' or tend
to quickly jump onto patronizing lectures about what one should do, then
simply move on to the next urgent matter at hand. However that each of us is
heard. Our friends and family may come to the rescue, being our sounding board. But while their intentions
are good, typically their objectivity is skewed by their affection for us. This is where it becomes important to
find a specialized expert. A person who has the ability to connect, listen closely, and then offer you insights
along with skills and tools for you to develop yourself and move forward in life. Most of us have blocks that
once removed, would make life so much easier and so much more enjoyable.
Just know we all have issues. There are some who have experienced pain similar
to yours and they have healed. You may be surprised at the truth of how many
walking pass you each day who appear ‘put together’ though inside they are
confused, distressed and frustrated. They may not admit their problems to the
world, but so many have told me in confidence they have severe anxiety issues,
feel too easily embarrassed, cry at the drop of a hat, suffer from not fitting in and generally sick of life.

Some have more difficult situations to deal with than others. If there is one thing I have discovered through the
years and years of counseling experiences, there is hope for everyone.

'So where does one begin?' might be your thought... You're at the right spot.

I'm here, ready to help.


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